"My daughter began training at Scorpion's Martial Arts under Sensei Harper in Spring 2013.

She has grown in self confidence, discipline, and leadership skills. Martial Arts is teaching her about proper respect for life, herself, and others. Sensei Harper has a way of motivating her to give it her all in class. I live in Mebane, NC and she can only attend class twice a week but would not mind going every day because she has so much fun! Every year she looks forward to the all-day Summer Camp Session.

Scorpion's not only provides structure for those in training, but a great family atmosphere."


                                                            Tashika Oleros

"Ever since my son has joined Mr. Harper's Scorpion's Martial Arts class, he has demonstrated growth in discipline, manner, resilience, and perserverance. I have watched Mr Harper express a huge amount of patience and compassion with the children. Not only does his martial arts class school teach karate, but it also reinforces the good qualities I am instilling in my child at home. I am honored to say that my child attends Scorpion's School of Martial Arts."


                                                    Amelia Knight

"My son had told me that he wanted to take karate. I had put it off for a about a year, thinking all I want to do after work is go home and relax. After months of begging we found Scorpion's School of Martial Arts, which is close to our home.

Mr Harper is a very effective teacher. He instructs each student as an individual. He knows all of the students by name and is very patient and encouraging. He explians all techniques and the importance of doing them correctly. He truly wants to see all of his students succeed in and out of the dojo.

The boggest surprise: After two months of watching my son, I decided to take karate with him! I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays, and this time we get to spend together. We learn martial arts discipline and get a great workout!"


                                                    Monica Williams

"My youngest son was one of the first students to enroll at Scorpion's Martial Arts. He wasn't sure what to expect, but soon fell in love with the sport and the school. He has always been quite the athlete in many sports, but his experience at Scorpion's has helped him refine his focus, discipline, and confidence. These qualities have helped him in everything that he does. I began to notice the difference in my son about three months in, and decided to sign my older son up for class as well. Mr. Harper and Scorpion's have helped this son with his physical fitness goals and his confidence.

This karate school has a fantastic atmosphere. There is respect and discipline, but also a feeling of family and friendships. Students of all ages-including advanced adults-are taught on their personal level, and everyone is encouraging and loving.

                                                    Sami Bee Scarborough

"My daughter and I have been going to Scorpion's School of Martial Art's for 2 yrs. My daughter (8 yrs.)and I love the family friendly atmosphere. Mr. Harper and his fellow belt instructor's are patient and respectful teacher's that help you learn and why you are learning it. My daughter is now more confident and stronger than before."


                                                    Lorin Matthews